CANCELLATION POLICY: We require a minimum of 48-hour notice to cancel, reschedule, or change an appointment*. Otherwise, clients are responsible for 50% of the reserved time booked. The fee is due at the time of cancellation.

NO-SHOW POLICY: All clients who miss appointments without prior notice are responsible for 100% of the total reserved time booked*. This fee is due within two business days, or all scheduled appointments may be cancelled. Any deposit will be forfeited.

LATE POLICY: Appointments may need to be rescheduled if the client arrives more than 10 minutes late for their appointment*.

LIABILITY WAIVER: If any information is withheld or falsified, our Stylists are not liable for undesired results.

ADJUSTMENT POLICY: If your look just isn’t so and you need a tweak, contact your Stylist within a week of the original service date. Our adjustment policy does not cover a change in style or color agreed upon during the consultation. However, our goal is to love your look, so never hesitate to reach out with concerns.

CHILDREN POLICY: We ask that young children are only allowed in the salon while receiving services. This is for the safety of the child and courtesy to others.

SALON ETIQUETTE POLICY: We must provide a comfortable and safe environment for our clients and stylists. Hatred, bigotry, and discriminatory language are prohibited. Clients may be given a warning, asked to leave, and possibly banned from this establishment if this policy is violated.

OPEN CHAIR POLICY: We aim to serve our clients best. While our stylists follow the same policies and procedures, we encourage them to be true Artists by not restricting them to one way, each Stylist’s experience may be slightly different, and we love that! We encourage clients to schedule with any of our stylists at any time.

PRIVACY POLICY: We respect our client’s privacy and value their trust. All reports, records, or client information will only be released to the client.

PAYMENT TYPES: Pure Rituals only accepts credit cards and Apple/Google Pay as forms of payment.

PRICING: Pure Rituals is a gratuity-free salon that offers all-inclusive, gender-neutral- time-based pricing. Our stylists schedule sessions of time at an hourly rate, creating a more transparent experience for the Stylist and the client. Clients are responsible for the entire session of time booked.

*Cancellations are only accepted through direct contact with your stylist.